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Google Panda 4.0 – A New Panda Algorithm

Google Panda 4.0 has officially been released. The much awaited search engine watcher application has already caused waves in Google search results. The panda algorithm was initially designed to help boost the visibility of sites with good and high quality content. The algorithm worked perfectly and sent the other sites with low quality content to the later pages of the search results. The aim to provide searchers with the best search results was achieved. Ever since, Panda has strived to improve its results by making subtle changes to its algorithms which provided minor changes to the search results. The latest entrant is the new Google Panda 4.0.

Google Panda 4.0

Another algorithm targeting spam content like payday loan requests hits at the same time along with the new Google Panda 4.0. The new algorithm targeting the spam websites and Panda 4.0 targeting the websites with low quality content is sure to make life difficult for those webmasters who own such websites with low quality content or spam content. These website owners are sure to get hit by both of these if not one or the other top of the market algorithms. Panda has been credited with bringing about some serious improvements to the site’s traffic as well. However, the prerequisite is that the site must have good quality content.

Before the official announcement regarding the new Panda refresh there was much speculation among the SEO owners about whether the changes made were actually a Panda update or a Penguin refresh. The pay day loans update thrown in there for good measure also made the matter all the more confusing. But the official announcement has relieved quite a few SEO workers and freelancers as a penguin refresh and subsequent lack of improvement in website rankings would mean a disaster for their business.

Google Panda has always made good changes with every new version released into the market. It all began with Panda 1.0 which made the first of the efforts of its kind where the websites with high quality content were ranked higher than the websites with low quality content. Since the initial launch, the updates were rolled out once a month but Google announced in March 2013 that further updates will be integrated into the algorithm itself and therefore more continuous and less noticeable.

Google rolled out Panda 2.0 in April 2011 and the next major update of Panda 3.0 rolled out in early 2012. After that there has been a series of updates to Panda 3.0 and a number of advanced versions named 3.1, 3.2 and so on were released every other month. With the latest update of Google Panda 4.0, Google has reached yet another bench mark at providing quality results to its users.

The new Google Panda 4.0 has taken the world by storm and several webmasters who had begun to find ways of avoiding detection by the previous Panda versions are now relegated to the margins of the results shown in the later pages. The algorithm is strong enough to filter only high quality content sites and display them among the top results.

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