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Google will start ranking mobile-friendly sites from April 21

Mobile Griendly Google RankingCome April 21, Google is on track to change its search algorithms to make mobile friendly sites much easier to search as well as been showcased in the top results. Google has released a statement that according to their new research, more users are surfing the web on their cellular devices and most of the websites on the top results of Google are not that mobile friendly causing hindrances to the mobile users.

Hence to solve this issue Google has tweaked its search algorithms a bit so that when a result is searched for, the sites with mobile friendly versions will automatically get first preference. This is good news for all the websites with mobile friendly versions already. As for all others, this is a good motivation for the website owners to prepare new mobile friendly or responsive site versions of their websites and make it compatible for mobile and tablets.

This might sound quite a task for the website owners and developers but overall in the long run, this is quite good news for the end user consumer as he finally has a full functional mobile experience to enjoy without any hindrances. A small change might eventually end up in a full blown revolution in the web space.

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