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How to design perfect Logo

Try to remember all those logos that you see too often. LG, Nestle, Airtel and Hero group of companies. All these logos have a story behind them. Parent companies tried hard to make them memorable for you. In the case of LG they added this smile with the G which denotes complete customer satisfaction. “Hero” went ahead with an expensive ad film to show the formation of the logo in the sky with the help of aircraft’s.

Creative Logo

Creative Logo Design Tips:

  • Simplicity holds the key here
    Some people prefer to design certain complicated logos in order to look different. This is a wrong practice. The cardinal rule is very clear here. You should design a logo which a school kid can copy in his drawing book. Never forget that when you will expand your business then this simplicity will help others to recreate it for marketing purposes.
  • Logo should have a story
    When you design a logo with your designer then try to think of a back story or an anecdote. Think about the possibilities that when in the coming future you will try to animate it then what will happen. Your logo should be strikingly different from the others so that it can get registered with the services and products that you are offering.
  • Unique Logo
    A logo is the thing that aides recognize a brand from its rivals, so its vital that the picture emerges from the rest — something numerous brands battle with.
  • Logo color
    Color is also very important part of logo design.Color have the ability to influence emotions and feelings. In a perfect world, your decision of shading ought to be made on the premise of the objective demographic of clients.
  • Leave some scope for a musical note
    Here take the example of the Airtel. They made this logo musical with the help of Mr. A.R. Rahman. They designed this logo in animation first and then the musical signature came in. You should try to visualize an aerodynamic formation of the logo.

These are few elements that you should keep in mind. Design a logo for the long run because when you will promote it then you are going to do all those heavy investments.

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