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HTML5 & CSS3 Tools, Resources And Guides

HTML5 & CSS3Today the entire world is going online. The best example to prove this would be the businesses are going online, our social life has shifted online and not just that but even the marketing techniques and the overall information exchange techniques have shifted online. This is the reason why today for literally anything, there is always a need for a website to be made. And yes making a website does not just mean putting up anything but a proper, attractive and user friendly website is the way to go. Hence in lieu with the modern technology at hand, it is very much important to work on the latest available tools to make a website.
Today HTML5 and CSS3 are the most widely used tools to make websites of all shapes and sizes. That means from something as simple as a static website to a site which uses a lot of flash and complex designs use HTML5 as a base because of its coding efficiency and the numerous features available on offer. Also with the help of CSS3 one can design the website in the style and type as one’s need.
Yes it is true that one has a lot of online tools on hand of which some are mentioned below, but it is true that to make a real website which actually showcases the class of the website, nothing beats the old school way of coding the website from scratch. But one has to start from somewhere and hence the tools are real handy. Some of them are as mentioned below:

  • Sizzle
  • HTML5 Visual Cheat Sheet
  • The Power of HTML5 and CSS3
  • CSS3 Transforms
  • Modernizr
  • Web Designer’s Browser Support Checklist
  • Font Dragr
  • CSS3 Selectors Test
  • CSS3 Please
  • Border Radius.

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